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Civil Rights and Employment Law

The MYER LAW FIRM handles all aspects of Civil Rights and Employment Law.

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California Court Rules that Incentive Bonus Plans Deducting Workers Compensation Costs, Cash Shortages, Losses of Equipment and Breakages Are Unlawful

Actual Cases We Have Handled

The following actual cases were filed by our law firm.  However, please note that we are precluded by "confidential" settlement agreements from listing here many cases that we have settled.  "Confidential" settlements are very common in employment law.  Therefore, this list is not intended to be a complete listing of the types of cases that we handle.  Further, the description following the case caption is merely a summary of the allegations made in the Complaint.

School Soccer Team Hazing Lawsuit
Settlement of a High School Varsity Soccer Team Hazing Lawsuit for $4.5 Million against a local school district, of which the settlement was allocated among 7 victim students, where our client received the highest allocation of $750,000.00 from the settlement funds in an allocation proceeding among all of the victims.
CBS-Writers Guild Hispanic Writer Case
Discrimination Against Hispanic Writers in Entertainment Industry.
Friedman v. So. Cal. Permanente Med. Group, Kaiser Foundation Hosp., et al.
Religious Discrimination In Employment Against Vegan.
[confidential settlement]
Sexual Harassment/Retaliation in the Workplace.
Scott v. County of Los Angeles
$300,000.00 settlement of allegations that employee of Department of Community and Senior Services was subject of employment discrimination and retaliation.
Woods v. Rainbow Acres, et al.
Gender Discrimination Against Male Applicant for Employment.

 Court - Equal Justice Under Law

Civil Rights Employment Law Quote

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."  Martin Luther King.